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Kevin E. Ready is a senior attorney for Santa Barbara County, California, having served in that position for over twenty years. He is the author of several books and magazine articles. He served as both a US Army and US Navy officer with military service in the Persian Gulf, Cold-War Berlin, Korea, the Philippines, and various ports-of-call in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Prior to going to law school Kevin served as an Arabic and Russian language interpretor for US Army intelligence.





Kevin is a graduate of the University of Denver College of Law where he received his Juris Doctor degree in Environmental Law. His Bachelor of Arts degree with dual majors in Government and History is from the University of Maryland University College campus in Berlin, Germany. His Associate of Arts degree in Social Science is from Excelsior College.

Kevin lives with his wife Olga, an engineer, and his two younger children, Anna and Nicholas, near Solvang, California. Kevin's two older sons, Kevin, Jr. and Kenneth, are both Army veterans like their father and they served in Iraq and Kuwait during the Iraq War. These two sons are both back state-side pursuing further education. A large White Shepard named Zoe and Kevin's flock of chickens round out the Ready's homefront.


Kevin's primary job for over twenty years has been as a Senior Deputy County Counsel for Santa Barbara County California. In that capacity he has provided a wide range of litigation and advisory legal services to a number of agencies and county departments. For six years he served as the Executive Director of the Beach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment, a regional agency made up of counties and cities with the common purpose of protecting the shoreline and beaches of the Central Coast of California and the ocean waters offshore. Prior to these duties as an attorney, Kevin served in a similar position for Imperial County, California and he was the command Judge advocate for a major Army munitions command.


Kevin's first book was a consumer finance self-help book entitled Credit Sense published by TAB Books in 1988. Kevin had three books published in the late 1990's, The Big One, a novel about a great Southern California earthquake; Gaia Weeps, a novel about world-wide global warming; and TWA 800: Accident or Incident?, an analysis of possible causes of the airline disaster co-authored with Cap Parlier. The print editions are in short supply, but his publisher has recently re-issued several of Kevin's books in eBook form. Kevin also recently completed editing a new, modern English translation of the Koran to assist English speakers in understanding the Moslem holy book. He thought that current international events dictated people having a better understanding of the sources of Islam.


In addition to his literary and legal work, Kevin formed a small business that runs over forty different commercial web sites and web hosting services.

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